All boards are individually designed & handmade out of lightweight pinewood, covered by epoxy and fiber glass and finished with an high-quality polyurethan varnish. The boards shown below are built and tested at the Bask coast in 2015.

Stories and spirit make wooden fishing ships, traditional sailing and rowing boats so unique. During restoration, conserving the traditional aspect of a vessel when combining it with modern techniques remains imperative. Throughout my activity I had the opportunity to face fascinating projects at the French and Spanish Mediterranean, the French Atlantic and German Baltic coast.

Since work with wood has no limits for creativity, innovation and working fields, I like to do also some carpentry.


Yunus Berndt

About me

I learned and worked for three years in the shipyard 'Atelier des Barques de Paulilles' (France), restoring traditional Mediterranean boats destined to navigate again. By volunteering in the 'Museu Maritím de Barcelona' (Spain) I diversified my competences when dealing with Catalan fishing wrecks in accordance to the European Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Traditional Ships in Operation. Eventually, my engagement at Old Ship Service in Greifswald (Germany) gave me a profound insight in the work on yacht and Baltic fishing ships. Today, the craft of wooden boatbuilding remains my passion. It is completed with my abilities of digitalising ships as 3D-models and designing wooden surfboards.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yunus Berndt